Wednesday, 14 December 2011

MidWeek Peek - The Playboy Pleasure of eBooks...

The BEST thing about ebooks for any writer is that books that are no longer on the shelves are still available to readers! Given my books are only on a shelves for a month, this is great indeed!

So it's super cool to see recent reviews on books that were out a little while ago - so nice to know that people can get hold of and enjoy them!

One of my most fun books to write was PLEASURED IN THE PLAYBOY'S PENTHOUSE (I know, great title huh?)

At the red-hot millionaire’s mercy! 
Bella has always felt like the ugly duckling in her family, but after one night with super-sexy Owen Hughes she feels like a beautiful swan. Until she realises Owen isn’t the ordinary guy she thought… 
This struggling waitress is daunted by his multi-millionaire status – he is exactly the kind of man she avoids! But Owen won’t let Bella shrink back into her shell. Two weeks of pleasure in his penthouse and he’ll have her begging for more…

And it has one of my favourite opening lines:
Did she want a 'sex machine' or a 'slow comfortable screw'?
Later on, you might get an idea of what she ended up with that night:
"For all that success -" Owen underlined the word, knowing the concept annoyed her "I'm still the guy who made yur legs so weak you couldn't stand." He took a step back, determined to walk away now. He spoke softer. "I'm still the guy who made you alternately sigh then scream with pleasure." He paused. He'd leave her knowing exactly what his intentions were - plain and simple. He spoke softer still. "And I'm the guy who's going to do it all again."

It was reviewed last week over at The Romance Reviews - Ashia gave it 4 stars and had this to say:

I don't know how Natalie Anderson does it, but she creates these to-die-for heroes! Owen is one of them. He's so sweet to Bella, supporting and helping her when she needed, and perhaps that's what made him so irresistible...

I love this story! There are some spine-tingling warm-fuzzies-in-your-heart moments as Owen stood up for Bella against her family. Yes, we modern women sure can stand up for ourselves, but having a gorgeous guy do it for us is even better. Coz it means he sees something worth defending in us, and it's the same for Owen...

The story and the writing is top-notched, with great (flawed) characters that you just couldn't help but cheer on. 

So, want to cheer these guys on?! You can buy the ebook direct from Mills and Boon here (you can be anywhere in the world and download it), from Amazon UK, or from the OZ/NZ Mills and Boon site here.

And with that title? I mean, don't you just want to be PLEASURED IN THE PLAYBOY'S PENTHOUSE?!?!?!

Of course you do! ;)


Brigitte said...

Yep, remember that story.
It was the one with those outrageous cocktails, wasn't it??
And she wanted to be an actress and was doing kiddie's parties instead.
And she walked into a business meeting in the living room in her pj's...
Or am I confused here??

What can I say? I've read them all and loved them all.
Great that your books are in e-format now as well.

Ana (Portugal) said...

I love your work.
Please continue writting those great novels.

Merry x-mas!

Natalie Anderson said...

Brigitte - you DO remember that story!!!! :) You're not confused at all - I'm thrilled you enjoy them :)

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Ana! Thanks so much for your comment - I'm so thrilled you love them - and yes, I'm off to finish the next one now - I'm so glad to have readers who enjoy what I love writing!

Merry Christmas to you too!