Monday, 12 December 2011

Fun in Cold Places...

I love Snow Heart by Tina Phillips
I've spent half this weekend working on my next RIVA and the other half working on edits for MELT - the novella coming soon with Entangled!

I've had so much fun with this story - this is the one set in Antarctica. The ice has always fascinated me and hey, who doesn't love penguins?!

But it's not all serious science and conservation projects all the time down there you know - when you work long hours, you're going to need to have some R&R time!!! One of the 'traditions' they having going there is the 300 club - where you wait for a -100F day, then go get steamed in the sauna heated up to 200F, race outside and roll in the ice and then head back to that sauna.

All while naked.

I'm not sure about the ice roll bit myself! Would you do it??!!!


Rachael Johns said...

Sounds like a hoot! Is this in your novella? Can't wait to read it :)

Natalie Anderson said...

Yes! The 300 does get a mention in the novella ;) Thanks Rachael :)