Friday, 9 December 2011

It's FRIDAY!!!! And here are my top 5 Friday tunes...

I'm so in love with Friday - such a lovely day don't you think? And it's definitely a good day for a dance party.

So I've gathered some of the best (ok, one is the most notorious!) Friday songs for you - play 'em and rave on readers!!!

Friday on my Mind - The Easybeats

You've gotta watch this one, the guy is having a ball!

Friday Night - Katy Perry

Because Katy is so gorgeous and I just love the Kenny G cameo!!!

Friday I'm in love - The Cure

I HEART this one!

Friday Street - Paul Weller

Rock on!

Friday - by Rebecca Black

I know - how could I leave this one out?! So infamous!!! And so catchy... go on, singalong - you know you want to!!!

Happy Friday everyone :)

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