Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Lucky 13

November has landed and its been full on already. We moved house in the weekend - it was crazy. We still have boxes lining the hall and all the walls but we can find the school uniforms for the kids so we're hanging onto the daily routine - just!!!
Because of the move I had to finish Lorenzo's story pretty quickly - so I managed to get it in a week early (last Monday) - to my absolute delight my ed emailed on Friday to say he'd been accepted - with NO revisions! Ordinarily I like revisions - I know my editor's guidance is gold - and always makes my work stronger. BUT it has been like a Holy Grail for me to one day get one past her without needing any revisions and number 13 is it!!!
Wow - I am so thrilled. I love Lorenzo and he's been in my head for a while now so I guess it all just poured out pretty easily.
Hmmm. I guess the question now is can I do it again?!!!

I've no internet access at home until the technician comes later in the week but thought I might as well give away another book or two to celebrate Lorenzo's acceptance - I'll keep you all in the draw from last time but if anyone else wants in just email me or comment by Friday!

Happy days everyone!!!



Jackie Ashenden said...

Hey, congrats on the no revisions!! Woohoo! You must being doing something right eh? ;-)

BTW, just bought Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress. It's great - love a fiesty reunion story.

Janette Radevski said...

Congrats - can't wait to read it! Who said 13 was unlucky??

Stephanie said...

Congrats on book #13 Natalie! I purchased the ebook version of Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress this morning but haven't started reading it as yet - NaNoWriMo is getting in my way!

I'd like to be in the draw for one of your book too.

Angie Peters said...

Congratulations, Natalie, on lucky 13! I've also purchased Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress as an ebook and can't wait to read it.

BTW, I loved your novella The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress :) The hero was to-die-for. And the opening scene - va voom! *grin* I won't say anymore lest I spoil it for potential readers...

Lacey Devlin said...

Lucky thirteen indeedy! Congrats Nat! It sounds like it couldn't have happened at a better time too! Good luck with the boxes!

Judy Jarvie said...

Wowzer no revisions is a major. Congrats and squeezes jx

Aideen said...

Another new home? You must be mad Natalie, moving house with four young kiddies is not for the faint of heart! Getting my four boys into the car just to make the school run every morning gives me nightmares. And a migraine, and high blood pressure and so on. Fair play to you. And a book with NO revisions? How fantastic is that? Bet it's kinda scary too though, almost everyone expects something to need correcting. You can boast now that you are, officially brilliant. And I've always thought that 13 was a lucky number, I met the other half on Friday the 13th many moons ago and I'm sure he'd agree that it was the best thing that ever happened him, LOL!!

All the best,

Natalie Anderson said...

Hey you guys are great!!! Thanks so much for your comments.

Angie, Stephanie and Jackie - I hope you enjoy Jared and Amanda - it's pretty intense at times!

And Angie so glad you liked Ryan - he's lovely huh? I had so much fun with the Christmas stuff in that one.

WTG you Stephanie on Nanowrimo! Hope youre getting your daily tally it - I love the Nano effect of getting really carried away in the story for days at a time...

Lacey & Aideen - the move has been full on but we're getting there - why is it the last boxes always take so long?!

Jude - check your email :)