Monday, 26 October 2009

It's my party...

...and I'll giveaway books if I want to...

OK. so that didn't quite work but you know what I meant. Happy Birthday to me and here's some books for you! I've finally got some author copies in - not the UK ones but the US and Oz! So I can do my draw. How 'bout 3 winners:


Email me gals so I can put one in the post to you!!!

Meantime, I am an absolute X Factor UK Fan - I log into YouTube to see who's singing what every Sat and Sun mornings. Well Michael Buble was the star mentor this week and he sang on the Sunday elimination show. As a wee birthday treat from me to you. Here he is.
Gosh, he's goooooooooooood! (Ihave a real hard time deciding between him and Josh Groban sometimes - anyone else suffer from this problem???)


Suzanne Jones said...

I adore X Factor.

Happy Birthday.


Angie Peters said...

Squeeeee! I love how it's your birthday, and yet you're giving pressies to others :)You're so generous.

Can't wait to get stuck into my copy :)

And Michael Buble is to die for.

Happy birthday once again.

Lacey Devlin said...


I hope you had a super, fantastic, day with chocolate cake raining from the heavens :D

I'm so excited about my copy, thank you so much!

*insert jumping up and down*

Thanks for Michael too ;)

Kerrin said...

Oh wow, i can't beleive i get a copy of your book! i'm so excited, i never win anything, thanks so much!
I've been so inspired by you after watching your story on close up!
can't wait to read you latest book.
Happy Birthday - It's my husband birthday today too!

Natalie Anderson said...

ooh Suzanne!! who do you want to win??? i like Joe - i think he's got it all (except height). and are you a John and Edward fan? Must admit I am - i think they're great - v brave and hands down entertaining!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes :)

Angie, Kerrin and Lacey - the books will be in the post tomorrow!

Nicola Marsh said...

Happy birthday Nat!

Hope you were spoiled rotten :)

Donna Alward said...

Your clip's been disabled, Nat.

But Cry Me A River is my current fave track from the new CD.

And my mood is completely different listening to Buble than Josh, so it all depends on the mood I'm in. Josh I'm dramatic, and Buble is sheer and utter fun.