Thursday, 5 November 2009

November book news...

Only a month 'til Christmas! Scary how fast the year goes isn't it?

November means Hot Boss, Boardroom Mistress is now available direct from Mills & Boon in the UK. Here's the blurb:

Unfinished business...
Pampered princess Amanda Winchester was like an itch that Jared James couldn't scratch. But the tables have now turned: Jared is successful, Amanda has nothing, and he is her new boss. It's payback time - and bedding the delectable Amanda will be his reward!
Amanda hates that bad boy Jared has the upper hand, even if succumbing to his sensual demands will be sweet torture! But when Jared realises he's taken her virginity everything changes. Not content with one night, Jared is determined to make Amanda his mistress...

Jared-the-irresistible will be on the shelves in the UK in December!

Meanwhile Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress and Christmas with the Boss featuring The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress are on the shelves in the UK now. Christmas with the Boss is also on the shelves in Australia and New Zealand in November while Ruthless Boss, Royal Mistress will be out there in December. You can order both now from Mills & Boon Australia.

In other book news, I have just got my cover for To Love Honour & Disobey - this is the one partially set in Africa - I'm thrilled with it. And I've also just found out the titles for my two hot, hot, HOT best friends:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA WITH THE CEO - is Alex's story (involving one sizzling Youtube clip!)

UNBUTTONED BY HER MAVERICK BOSS - is Lorenzo's story (involving wine, jewellery and graffiti!)

I'm back to being a busy beaver writing wise and sticking my head in the sand about all I have to do to get organised for Christmas. I hope your planning for the festive season is coming along better than mine! I am looking forward to it though, I'm getting together with my family and there'll be a ton of little cousins running around causing mayhem. It's be chaos, but it'll be fun. I hope you're looking forward to spending time with family too.

I'm so glad to be back online now the telephone technician has been and I'll be drawing a winner tomorrow for the other giveaway - so still time to enter if you want!



Rachael Johns said...

Man Nat you ARE a busy beaver! How do you have soooooooo many new releases and so many littlies. I have three under five and struggle to manage any writing, I'm so knackered.

anyway in my limited me-time, I'm currently reading The Millionaire's Mistletoe Mistress and am loving it (not surprisingly)!

Can't wait to read your other new releases!!


Lacey Devlin said...

She's superwoman!

I can't believe it's almost Christmas! There were decorations in the shops in October and I have to admit I love shiney things as much as the next girl but I'm still cringing. I hope you've got enough sand for me to stick my head in too Nat! Maybe if we stay there long enough someone else will organize Christmas? ;)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Don't talk to me about Christmas. Can't believe it's so close. Argh!
Well, for a busy woman with little kiddies you're doing fantastically with the books - great news for those who love to read 'em.
Loving Jared btw. He's hot! And am fairly interested how you managed to sneak in a couple of 'colourful' expressions not normally seen in M&B. At least I haven't seen them! Hee hee.

Natalie Anderson said...

I'm no superwoman! Hell, just ask my husband ;)
It just seems busy at the moment because of scheduling I have a few releases out close together in the UK (3 stories in 2 months).
Rach, glad you're enjoying Ryan!
And yes, I just want Christmas to magically organise itself...
Jax - you have me laughing - what colourful expressions did I use exactly? I can't think of them right now (I always put them in btw, sometimes they stay, sometimes they go - it just depends on how colourful they are!)

Jackie Ashenden said...

Um, well, they were very innocuous in the greater scheme of things. Bullsh*t being one of them and pr*ck tease being another. But interesting you say that sometimes they stay and sometimes they go. Maybe it all depends on context.

Natalie Anderson said...

LOL Jackie - I have ones FAR worse than that in the first draft ;) ;) ;)
It really depends on character, timing and emphasis - and yes, context all the way!

Jackie Ashenden said...

Really??? Lol! I'd love to be able to sneak a few naughties in. I mean really, alpha males saying damn all the time just doesn't cut it for me! :-)