Thursday, 28 August 2008

Thank you!!!

I've been slack and haven't yet said a HUGE thank you to all you guys who voted and commented on my 'ironing sheets' dilemma... I'm so glad it was the landslide it was and its now part of the book (until my ed nixes in in revisions anyway! LOL).
It was a fun poll and I'm glad to know my slack housekeeping tendencies are pretty much the norm - in romance reader/writer communities anyway... we're too busy with books aren't we?! :)
So I'm hit-by-a-bus tired and have two more wekdays to get thru before my final assault on the wip - it is so close and yet so far to being done and I am itching to have a couple of solid 12 hour days on it... but in the meantime, its painting at kindy followed by "mooosik goop"...

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