Sunday, 31 August 2008

And so it is...

... that with eyes out on stalks and my insides corroding from one too many bottles of 'V' that I'm about to hit send on the wip and it'll ping over to my ed.


Even tho it'll be back to taunt and haunt me, most probably with humungous revisions, for now it is adios amigos... and HOLA HOLIDAY!!!!

Well, actually, its almost bedtime - can't come soon enough for me (and its only 5:30 - at LEAST 2 more hours to go - will I survive??!!)... but tomorrow the planning starts - I haven't even written a list yet, haven't even picked up the tickets... have I even told you where I'm going?
Have I???


Joanne Cleary said...

Are you going somewhere Spanish speaking? Or is your blog a total red herring?! Can't wait to find out ... just got home from our mini holiday so am soooo jealous.

Aideen said...

Make me jealous, is it somewhere exotic?
I did a couple of mini breaks throughout summer and every single time it rained. Bucket loads, barrow loads.
I'm surprised that nobody in Ireland has grown fins or gills yet.