Monday, 25 August 2008

The end of August...

... is looming which means if youre in Oz/NZ it is your last chance to scoop a copy of PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE from the shelves of the shops - it has sold out on Harlequin Australia's website so grab it while you can...
Meanwhile, over in the UK, BOUGHT: ONE NIGHT, ONE MARRIAGE is about to go into the stores - it's available from M&B and Amazon already and should be on the shelves next week.

I have a week before sending my WIP to my ed and then it is less than a fortnight to my HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better get head down for now...


Aideen said...

Bought: One Night, One Marriage finally arrived with a thud through the letter box this morning. Had been expecting it two weeks ago but clearly I got release dates mixed up.
Anyway I'm getting geared up to read and enjoy.
I tormented myself earlier by reading as far as mid chapter two but those little things called kids have me pretty much booked until tonight. But I'm a likin Blake a lot!!! He's not short on charm, is he?!


Natalie Anderson said...

Aideen - I'm so glad it arrived! And I hope you enjoy the rest of it - yes, he's a cheeky charmer all right... until things go a little pearshaped anyway.... and you should be getting All Night with the Boss sometime soon too!
Happy reading!