Friday, 8 August 2008

Anyone speak French???

I've got a review in for PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE - from Moon - French websites. I've tried (and failed) with my schoolgirl French and tried using Babel Fish translation service, but it's still not great - here are a few gems though:

The last novel of Natalie Anderson at Mills & Boon. It is always as well done, funny, deep and d├ępaysant. To discover!

It belongs to its young people authors with style very different ... and which one feels that they aim at a more current public, young person can be. This revival is particularly refreshing and welcome and gives rise to stuffed little books of dynamism, of humour but also of depth...

Obviously the very hot meeting of these two heroes could have constituted the principal framework of small novel but Natalie Anderson treats to the luxury to build an intrigue much major on the moult of our main characters. Both have problems to regulate with themselves... What starts as a light history of mutual attraction becomes more serious, more analyzed and finally in such a short format, the importance of psychology is remarkable. It is necessary to also note the astonishing naturalness of the evoked situations...

Natalie Anderson publishes a new novel in September in the United Kingdom which will without any doubt make it possible to still explore all its talent. It would be time that France locates it, it belongs to the young authors of the other end of planet (it is New Zealand) which deserves to be discovered.

You can (if you read French) read the full review at Blue Moon or Onirik!

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