Wednesday, 6 August 2008

According to Cosmo...

(and HUGE thanks to Aideen for bringing this to our attention)

"215 miles is the amount of ironing a woman does in her lifetime, compared to a man's 73"


"women report greater sexual interest for partners who do housework"

Let me tell you I'm nowhere near 215 miles!!!!!!

And ooooh yeeeeeaaaahhhh - hubby has his hands deep in the kitchen sink right now... definitely a turn on! ;)


Aideen said...

When I read this last night I thought, great! It means that I have only 214 and 3/4 miles left to go.
And that's if I'm lucky.
I so get the whole 'man with his hands in hot soapy water' thing but nothing turns me on more than when hubby informs me that he's cooking. And even better, when he tell's me he'll feed the baby, allowing me to eat my own dinner while it still physically resembles a dinner!
Don't men everywhere realise that when they help out with the chores that the gates of passion open a lot quicker? And with a lot less effort? It's something that should be taught in school I reckon.


Natalie Anderson said...

Aideen - I totally agree - somehow a dinner that's been cooked for you tastes so much better than a dinner you've cooked yourself. And it does help if you're having it sitll at a nice temperature! ;)
You're right. They need to teach it in schools - LOL