Sunday, 10 August 2008

Changing the Routine

Okay, so for most of last year I was able to write at night - get all the kids into bed and go for it - tired at times for sure, but really it was manageable.
This year that routine hasn't worked so well - I'm not sure what it is. A combination of events I guess - the school/kindy run is busier, we have more extra-curricular activies and the twins have had a rough time with their health. Anyway, I'm finding that thru the week I'm just so tired by their bedtime that I don't have the concentration I need to write. This has led to me putting in some monster weekends.
And so, time for a change - I'm going to attempt the reverse of last year - go to bed really early and get up early. I know other writers do this - Cole gets up at 3 or 4 or something. I'm going to aim for between 4 and 5 - and bed by 8 at the latest - so an 8 or 9 hour sleep - depending on the twins of course! But we can only try right? And I do know that I am freshest first thing - definitely a lark not an owl when it comes to working productively!
So, check in with me tomorrow and I'll fess up about whether I was able to drag my sorry self out of bed ultra early on a cold and frosty morning!


Rachael Blair said...

Good luck NAtalie - I think this is something all writing mums struggle with! I know I do. I'm always knackered by the evening but try and write then because my devils (whoops did I write devils, I meant darlins) are VERY EARLY RISERS! Like 5am... it sucks and I have great respect for those who can get up earlier, but I just don't think I can.

Looking forward to hearing your progress!!

PS. Just out of curiousity... do you EVER manage daytime writing during the week?

Natalie Anderson said...

Yes - we have problems with the twins waking early - they'll go back to sleep with me but will get up if I'm not around to cuddle - so its a tricky one to figure out.
I have 3 preschoolers - so no, I never get any writing done during the weekdays - I have a notebook on hand if anything comes to me in a blinding flash but really, it just has to wait. In 14 months time (not that I'm counting!) the twins will be 3 and will have about 8 hours a week at kindy - which is our early childhood education thing here - and my son will have started school. Until then we just muddle along - balancing my two 'lives' can be tricky - but I don't want to miss out on any of either!