Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Holidays are a coming!

It's been 7 years since we came home from our big OE - and I haven't been back overseas since (hubby on the other hand, has - but let's not mention that!)... and next week, we're doing the incredibly crazy thing of taking a toddler each on our knee and spending a day in a plane to get all the way back to London! For a little over a week!!!
Yep, crazy...
and I'm so excited!!! (And also terrified).
Hubby has a bro and sis living in London, he lived there for 7 years and me for almost 5 (well we had the last two in Edinburgh) and in fact we met in a flat in Kentish Town... had our first drink together in a pub called the Cat and Canary (who was who, you ask...)
We have lots of reminscing to do, lots of friends to catch up with, lots of food to eat AND I get to meet my editor and see the offices at Richmond!!! And then (yes, there's more) on Thurs 18 its the annual AMBA (Assoc of Mills & Boon Authors) lunch - so I get to meet all those wonderful writers! (Scary, scary). The 18th of Sept was my M&B loving Grandma's birthday - and when I found out that the lunch this year was on that date I took it as a sign (ie big fat excuse) to board a plane and sit on it for hours and GO!

Definitely crazy. But hey, what's life for? :)


Aideen said...

I would think 'ambitious' suits better than crazy. Four kids on a plane for that length of time? I wish you luck, seriously.

London really is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, I'd take it over Paris any day. Have a wonderful trip and who knows, you might even fit in a little research time?

P.S. Thanks so much, received All Night With The Boss yesterday morning. Yay!!! And as soon as I polish my entry for MH comp, going on Lissa's journey will be my reward.


Brigitte said...

Go for it Nat. It's a good way to air your brains and come back with wonderful new stories for us. Don't be scared of meeting the other authors. I'll root for you as you are among my 3 favorite authors at Mills and Boon. You can tell them that, and you can even mention my name! Have just returned from our trip to Australia and have not yet read Bought:One Night, One Marriage. I'll let you know what I think of it.
Lots of courage (and sticker books) for the plane ride.
Kind regards

Natalie Anderson said...

Well Aideen, I confess its only 2 not 4 kids - its term time here and the 'big kids' will be at school and kindy - so its just the big man and me and the twins. Yes, I love London - just looking forward to walking in the park and round the streets and just looking!!
I do hope you enjoy Lissa and best of luck for that FTH entry!!!!

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Brigitte - nice to see you! Wow - how was your trip to Oz? Did you enjoy it??!!!
And I do hope you enjoy BONOM - and thank you for the compliment - you've made my day :)

Joanne Cleary said...

Still you're very brave with 2 kids. I must admit I was soooo glad I had other adults when I took my kids (and the 2 foster kids too) to London last weekend. It was only to watch the rugby but they loved the tube to and from Wembley. Getting in the car to go home - not so much love going on there!!

Hope you all have a great trip.


Yvonne Lindsay said...

Have a wonderful wonderful trip, Nat! You might see Trish Morey in London while you're there, at the AMBA, I think. Pretty sure she'll be there then. Ah, you people with all your travel...I'm turning pea green with envy :-)

Natalie Anderson said...

Thanks Jo - I hope it will be fun - I'm sure it will once we GET there, and hey, its only a day on a plane... (she says optimistically!)

Hi Yvonne! Yes, I will see Trish at AMBA - its v exciting being able to be a writer for a whole day - and play at the glam thing (except I'm so not glam... infact I'm off to search for hold-it-all-in undies!!!!)

Brigitte said...

We just loved it in Australia. We met some wonderful people on the way, and all that lovely and vastly empty countryside!! Really got us itching to emigrate. But we're too old for that now, I guess. We're definitely going back for another trip as we only saw a teeny part. Reminded me a lot of the UK with small villages that actually have a town centre with a church; and also we weren't swamped with fast food chains on the outskirts of towns. Not at all like in the US. Actually I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised.