Sunday, 20 July 2008

Action movies that make you cry...

Yes - there are some out there - several actually! I tend to class things like Lord of the Rings as a bit of an action flick and that one has several votes - and one from me is Pirates of the Caribean (I cried in the last one), the Poseidon Adventure has had a few nods too, but this entry - from Julie M over at eHarlequin isn't one that I cried in myself - just goes to show different things move different people... I saw the last instalment of this series not that long ago and must admit I loved it!

Meanwhile, I'm getting into the swing of the wip - so glad to be back writing now that the twins are better - just in time for the big kids to go back to school and kindy!


Kate Hewitt said...

an action movie that even makes my husband cry is Deep impact--it's the one about an asteroid going to hit the earth? Tea Leone is the main character. There's no real romance that I can remember (besides a teen thing), but it is definitely heart rending!

Natalie Anderson said...

Hi Kate! I don't think I've seen that one - I get a bit confused with omse of those like the asteroid one with LIv Tyler and Ben Affleck - Armageddon??
Sounds good tho - and there's a happy ending right? (Not a romantic one, but a 'the world is saved' one) - I NEED my happy endings ;)