Monday, 10 March 2008


I've been slack here! Actually, things have been pretty busy. With the change in season we always seem to get coughs and colds - right now 5/6 in our house are down with a variety of ear infections and chest infections. Not so much fun!
On the upside I've started the new wip (helping me to forget that I'm in wait-land), I have a write-a-rough-draft-a-thon with some writer buddies tomorrow night (1000 words = cake and goss!) and there is another lovely review of Mistress Under Contract at the Pink Heart Society - read all of it here!

"Natalie Anderson is absolutely wonderful and I just cannot resist lapping up her novels in a single sitting! Mistress Under Contract is a fantastic contemporary romance full of intense emotions, funny moments, blazing sexual tension and moving romance; don’t miss it!"

Mistress Under Contract is available now from both the UK Mills & Boon site and the Australasian one - it'll be on the shelves in Aust/NZ in April!!!

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