Friday, 29 February 2008

Oh and another translation...

... so in my net wanderings I also found a review for All Night with the Boss - on a French website, Blue Moon,- here's how Babelfish translates it (be warned, its longish! & apologies for Babelfish's clunky word choices at times!)

A small novel harlequin surprising by its audacity and the innovation of its tone. Natalie Anderson will be the such worthy heiress of Lynne Graham, Michelle Reid or Jacqueline Baird, In all cases, it prints already her rate/rhythm and her mark. To discover!

Harlequin is changing... including in the basic collections in particular that of Mills& Boon (RU), Modern Romance and that of Harlequin (the USA), Harlequin presents. Alerted by a very positive buzz, I read the very first book of Natalie Anderson, All night with the boss which has just left to the United States but was already appeared in England in May 2007. To show my matter, I will have to make some revelations on the contents of the book but it should be specified that these are information that you could more closely obtain by looking at the cover. However, if you do not wish to know some more, go directly at the end of criticism! This book forms part of a collection of Harlequin presents which publishes four novels each month around a given topic: here, it acts of the "pregnant mistresses" and in more around another central topic: the patron/employée relation. Here is already a perfectly clear bounce of the intrigue! But, in these collections which are read quickly, it is not serious. The relation between the two protagonists is central and the very stereotyped scénarii often. However, it is there that Natalie Anderson is made conspicuous. Admittedly, it embroiders around the topic but in an original and modern way. There is finally the impression to enter at the twenty and unième century. For those which know Harlequin and this topic well, I will be able to show it by a simple comparison. An author traditional would thus have put in scene an owner hyper dominating, born leader, who makes tremble his collaborators and in particular his secretary or employee. This one would have been in love secretly with him for a long time or immediately would have been hypnotized by its charm and its will have to be able. He would have continued his assiduities poor young woman completely exceeded by his attraction and his fear to enter a relation complicated but completely unable to resist it. And after some attempts at seduction confining with the sexual harassment, it would have succumbed, falling pregnant and then causing anger of an owner convinced to be trapped. Here, nothing of all that! Natalie Anderson keeps only the envelope of this topic, the vacuum completely and fills it of new elements. The owner, Rory Baxter is young person, madly tempting but it is not the owner of a multinational, just a senior staff. Lissa Coleman is a young employee, New Zealand, arrival to work in England by taste of the voyages and because it does not have any more a family over there. She has a normal, a little solitary life and the relations between employees and owner, she knows, since she knew of them one which resembles much that besides that I described above! Rory does not crush Lissa its superiority, respects (as it can it!) the reserve of the young woman. It is sympathetic nerve, funny, has a balanced life and a family. It does not have anything of these owners autocrats. It is also sincerely attracted by Lissa and thinks very quickly which what brings them closer is not only sexual. When, Lissa seeks to move away from him after having yielded, it tries to keep it by tenderness. When it falls pregnant, it reacts like a completely surprised man but not inevitably like a betrayed man and it assumes! In short! Here are of the new heroes, plunged in a balanced relation where there is equality of taste, of desire and the desire for respecting that at the other. What a revival in these collections which started can be to feel dust! Let us add that all bathes it in an atmosphere of great sexual tension and that the scenes of love are délicieusement tender and erotic. I particularly recommend of them one which starts classically on a desk (banal when one considers the loves at the office!) but which innovates completely in its décomplexé and free tone. Obviously, there is nothing original good in such a history and I enjoy to imagine what Natalie Anderson with a larger format would do. Useless to say that I will follow very close the bibliography of this author. It leaves its third novel at Mills&Boon in February. I would easily bring closer this author Lucy Monroe which has regularly published for a few years and had brought this wind of revival but also can be of Julie Cohen that Marnie discovered for us on the site. It would thus seem that a true fish pond prepares! To follow!


Julie Cohen said...

Hey, here's to being part of the...true fish pond??

Natalie Anderson said...

hee hee - sounds great doesn't it?!

Actually, the phrase I love the most in that whole review is:

Ajoutons que la tout baigne dans une atmosphère de grande tension sexuelle et que les scènes d’amour sont délicieusement tendres et érotiques.

- even tho I barely understand Bonjour, I get that one - fun!