Monday, 17 March 2008

Some R & R

Are you into goal setting? Do you make goals even? Big? Little? Constantly changing? constantly forgetting??!! LOL
I find if I don't give myself goals I won't get anything done - and I don't really mean those big, 'across my whole life' kinda goals - I mean those medium/shorter/immediate ones. I'm still figuring out what the really big ones are meant to be (they're fluid) - but to get done what I need to get done in the course of the day/week/month/year then I need little goals.
Sometimes they get hard to meet.
SO - here comes the R&R - but (sadly) I don't mean rest and relaxation (or recreation or whatever) but the RECORD AND REWARD system
- I record the goals, the daily achievement (or part thereof) and give rewards at significant steps along the way.
Nothing like a little motivation right - the reward list currently has a few goodies on it that I'm determined to earn - which is a good thing because I really need to DO the things on the list to get there anyway!
Is any of this making sense?
Ah, who cares anyway ;)
So, I'm getting right into the new WIP and having a lot of fun with it AND I have an interview up at that lovely French website Blue Moon - if you don't read French just scroll down and you'll find the English version underneath. The interview is here.

Happy reading and writing everyone!

... And did you make your goal for today?!?

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Cole said...

LOL Natalie! I have to make goals too. Doesn't mean I always make them but if I didn't, I wouldn't have gotten as much done as I did. =)