Friday, 29 February 2008

More Translations!

So, as usual, its been a busy old week. I've sent the wip to Mme Editor and am keeping busy with lots of distraction activities - mainly watching a ton of b-grade dance movies - hilarious ;)

While procrastinating, I was trawling around the net and discovered "All Night with the Boss" is out in Brasil at the moment - you can buy it here!

AND it's also out in Italy - see here! So that totally made my day.

And someone else's day has been made - check out Sensational Romance and see who won the Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt! YAY!!!

And I'm *thinking* about working on the next one - gonna be fun!


Donna Alward said...

Nat! Well done you on all the translations! They are coming fast and furious now, hooray for you! I just found out my debut is out in Portugal this month, but that's only 2 translations to your what, 5? :-)

And yay on getting your ms in. Is this number six for you?


Natalie Anderson said...

- its only 3 Donna - Portugeuese (for Brazil), Italian and Japanese - but yes, SUPER exzciting - yay you on Portugal!
Yep, number 6 sent in - and now the horrible waiting part - but am working on the next to keep me happy... its a never ending rollercoaster this one!