Friday, 27 April 2007

A reminder....

While I'm away BASHING this darn book into shape (more of an effort than I'd first thought) let me just remind you its nearly the end of April and almost time for us to draw the winner of the May Debut competition!!!
Entries have been coming in from all over the show (Hi Egypt! Finland!) but if you haven't enter NOW.

Remember: Donna's book is a Romance - 'Hired by the Cowboy' and Michelle's is a Historical - 'Her Irish Warrior'. Mine is racy.
To get your hands on signed copies of all three books all you have to do this:
Go to Donna's website or blog and Michelle's website or blog and find out the name of the hero in their books.
And mine too of course!
Then email any one of us with the names of all three heroes to be in to win. We'll draw the prizewinners at the end of April.
The Grand Prize Winner will receive not only all three books but a selection of goodies from our home countries - Canada, USA and New Zealand - chocolate, pamper products and fun stuff. And there's be a ruuner up who gets the books.
Email me:

Groovy. Meanwhile, back to the HARD work!

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