Wednesday, 25 April 2007

In last weekend's Scotland on Sunday...

Scotland on Sunday 22 Apr 2007
Barfly (Business Section)
Page 4

Added mystery and intrigue in lust-filled tale of Mr Big

SCOTTISH tycoons of the male variety may want to place a discreet order for a Mills & Boon romance which is due to be published next month. All Night With The Boss is written by Natalie Anderson, a former Bank of Scotland researcher who is married to a former Scotsman business newseditor, and the lead character is rumoured to be based on a Scottish business leader.
The blurb looks promising: "Lissa Coleman doesn't do office affairs. Hurt in the past, she keeps up her guard by being witty and sarcastic. But one look at Rory Baxter, her tall, dark and incredibly sexy new boss, tests her powers of resistance to the limit! Working closelytogether doesn't help - Lissa's body responds to Rory's every move, and goes into hyper overdrive when he says he wants her!"
But Anderson refuses to say who the hero is based on, and assures us it is certainly not Sir Angus Grossart, the financier who was recently exposed as the chairman of Richard Desmond's Portland adult TV group.

- he he he.
No, it's definitely not Serene Goose.

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Anonymous said...

blimey nats - i don't check in for a week and what do i find? meningitis scares, pool frolics with a rugby team and features in the british media......

i am pleased that the wee one is ok (s or e?). and on the pool encounter - crikey! i definitely think abs should feature in the book.....