Saturday, 21 April 2007

Delightful day...

... every Saturday morning I take the two 'big kids' for a swim in an indoor pool in the centre of town. Its nice. Warm and fun. We go early and its usually pretty quiet.
Today, as we floated our way around the 'lazy river' a number of big brawny men appeared. They stripped off. Very big. Very brawny. Everywhere I looked there were muscles, muscles, muscles.
It had to be a team. Rugby. Of course, being TV free (and not really THAT interested) - I didn't know which team. Well, I knew it wasn't my home team because I do know them (and Ritchie, Ritchie, Ritchie). Happily I caught the insignia on one of their shorts (I had to look at the shorts to find out you understand). Hurricanes (from Wellington - location of current book). The whole team. And so, they stripped, and then me and my two preschoolers and an entire rugby team floated round the lazy river.
It was lots of fun.
I was pathetically giggly (on the inside).
Oh my. Muscles. Everywhere I turned there were more - I didn't know where to look (well I did but I didn't want to be TOO obvious).
Sure, tell me off for being shallow and objectifying them - but HEY - they were the ones lining up along the floor to ceiling glass window and drying leisurely, pulling their shirts back on after (or just 'casually' knotting towels around waists). They LOVE it.
Oh. Yes. Abs like those might have to appear in next book...
Lovely way to start the day don't you think?
Perfect for a raunchy romance writer anyway...

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