Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Support... the most marvellous thing.
My husband finally read my book.
We'd made a pact that he'd never read my work until it was published - of course, I never expected that to happen quite as fast as it did. And suddenly, after months of me blocking the computer screen from his sight everytime he walks past it (I can't STAND someone reading my draft form - unless I've got it to a certian point and send it to super-cyber-cp Jude)... he got handed this little book.
He read it - cover to cover in one hit - and tells me he thinks its great :)
No wonder I love this guy.
Nothing else matters. Readers, reviewers, nada.
My hubby thinks its fab and that's good enough for me.
This is the guy who gives me hours of time so I can write, who has always said 'you can do it' - no matter what. Who never, ever fails to give me the lift/push/kick in the pants (KITP) when I need it.
Just the thing I need right now in fact!
Everybody should have a support person like that - someone who believes in you more that you do yourself - to keep you going when those damn doubts are weighing in.
Actually, this is a theme in the current wip. The wip that's proving to be a real DOG at the mo. Good thing I have the hubby to give me the KITP!!!


Kate Hardy said...

Hello! Just discovered you have a blog so I thought I'd be nosey *g*

I definitely recommend music and writing. I've even burned a couple of compilations that gets me in the right mood for certain scenes. (But condoms??? I'm going to have to follow that link...)

Glad you've got an ace support person in your DH. Hope the WIP gets moving again soon.

And yay on getting copies of your book. Not long until it's on the shelves over here - then I'll go take a piccy for you :o)

Rebecca said...

Hi Natalie,

I had to drop by and say hello. I read about you having twins a while back on the e-harl boards and remember thinking that we were in very similar situations (baby-wise) I have four sons -the eldest is six -then twin boys who are five - and a three year old.

Mine are all a bit older than yours now (obviously :) ) and everything is getting much easier- so much so that I sometimes wonder if I should have another!

Glad you have a supportive husband - you need him!

Oh- and big congrats on your book sale!!

Anonymous said...

i can't quite work out whether i am touched or nauseated....


Scarlett Lane said...

Your hubby sounds lovely. I have heard of so many other writers who seem to have jerk husbands/partners that are unsupportive and seem to belittle them for their creative work. I am also very lucky to have a wonderful husband, well he was a great boyf for 7 yrs and very supportive, so let's hope this continues now we are married! Glad he loved the story, I am still thinking about the little snippet I read that night! Can't wait for my copy to arrive . . .