Thursday, 29 March 2007

I can't be bothered...

...updating my word count do-dackey tonight because I am TIRED. But, just in case you were worried, I've added another 1000 - my minimum daily tally. Had a moment of clarity in the car today which is going to help things along.
For now anyway! ;)

Meanwhile, don't you love it when a friend invites you and gorgeous son around for a playdate, provides you with two other gorgeous young boys for said son to play with and hands you dinner-for-the-family in a dish as you're about to leave?! Just the nicest thing and really, really appreciated.
And she can really cook! YUM.


JENNA said...

A play date to run the energy out of the child AND dinner? That is SOME friend! Exactly what you need right now!

kateyr said...

awwww now I'm gonna blush ;-) Glad you enjoyed it.