Saturday, 31 March 2007

Had it off...

... the night that is. Last night. But back on tonight. Going to be v boring these next few days as I crack down and try to finish the draft. It will take me half as long again to then bash it into some kind of shape. Maybe it would be better if I polished more as I went but I hate doing that. I like to just get the thing on paper and then ... rewrite most of it!
But at least if I've gotten to the end of the draft I understand my characters more, I know what drives them (I learn a lot about them as I go) - then I can go back and make sure it all fits together from the start and that what actually happens is believable. (Or believable in a Romance kind of way).
Actually, the problem I have for this book is that I'm still figuring out what it is that happens full stop!
(Other than the obvious).
Going to bed before I tie myself in knots completely and get a total panic on.
Apologies to some of my visitors for not commenting back at you but things are strained at the mo and my brain is on limited function...

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