Monday, 26 November 2012

Welcoming Kris Pearson & her irresistible hero Nick!

 After the fun we had with those hot RIVA heroes, I thought it might be nice to have a few New Zealand penned men... so first up is the irresistible Nick - from the fabulous Kris Pearson's indie book RESISTING NICK - let's find out a little about him!

Nick Sharpe is 30. He’s six-two, olive skinned, dark haired, has snapping black eyes, a temper to match, a give-away scar on one thumb, and a big tattoo on his even bigger right shoulder.
Nick owns a chain of fitness centers. He works out every day, and is a great advertisement for his own product.  He’s totally obsessed with taking his business global.

White lie or absolute honesty?  No time for lies. If you don’t like Nick’s truth, get over it!
Sunny side up or over easy?  Sunny side up. Nick’s impatient - why put another step in the process?
Boardshorts or Briefs? He’s a fisherman when he can find the time, so it’s boardshorts for him.
Best known for: taking on big projects. He works like a demon. Bad-boy cheek, charm, and ferocious drive have brought him a rare classic Ferrari, a fitness empire, and a decrepit old house by the sea.

Oh he sounds GOOOOOD, right?! And here's an excerpt for you...

She held the bra between two fingers, gave it a sexy little swish, and tossed it through onto the bedroom carpet.
“Get in the bath,” he repeated, hoarse entreaty in his voice.
“But I’ve still got my panties on,” she teased, stepping close enough for him to peel them down. If he hadn’t been coated in shaving foam he’d have buried his face between her thighs the moment he uncovered her. Instead, he consoled himself by grabbing her hand so she couldn’t escape again.
“Get in here with me right now,” he ground out.
She stepped out of her pretty panties and kicked them towards the doorway, then lifted a small foot and set it down between his thighs. Only then did he believe it would happen.
“I wonder how we’re both going to fit?” She sent him a wide eyed mock-innocent grin.
“We’ll manage.” He tugged on her hand to encourage her to take the last step.
She sank down through the bubbles. The water rose higher up his chest. At last she was where he wanted her, but just to make sure he looped his legs around her waist and pulled her closer until they were face to face. “Are you really going to do this?” he asked.
Sammie nodded and reached out for the razor. After a few seconds’ intense concentration she cradled the side of his head in her hand and tilted it back.
“Stay just like that.” Her fingers moved to his neck, held the skin taut. The razor slid around his chin and bit gently into his beard.
“Ha,” she murmured. “No worries. You didn’t think I could, did you?”
She reached sideways and swished it in the bowl to clean it. Another firm grip. Another expert glide downward. The steam swirled around them, and in the silent apartment Nick heard the faint scrape of his stubble capitulating. The blade dragged slightly against his skin. He wondered how long the edge would hold. He was totally in her hands—and the feeling was amazing.
She rinsed the razor again, and leaned closer to select the site for her next pass. Nick closed his eyes to intensify the feeling. Again she pulled his skin taut, again she guided the blade with the grain.
“I don’t think this shaving foam is as good as Grandpa’s English shaving soap,” she said. “Not as slippery. You’d enjoy it more if we had some of that.”
Nick couldn’t imagine enjoying anything more than this. The feel of her hands on him, the glide of the blade, the soft swishing as she rinsed it, all combined into a sensuous ritual that excited as much as it soothed.
After several more long slow strokes and a couple of short scary ones under his nose, she picked up the washcloth and wiped half his face clean. “No blood,” she teased, running her fingers over his skin. She reached out for the mirror and held it so he could check her work. “Okay?”

Nick Sharpe owns a chain of fitness centers. He has money, ambition, and a body honed to perfection, but he’s just discovered he was adopted and never told. To make matters worse, his P.A. has walked out at short notice. His business and personal lives are suddenly in disarray—and then fate hands him Sammie.
Sammie Sherbourne only needs a temporary job until her passport arrives, then she’s off to see the world. The last thing she wants is to become one of Nick’s many conquests. But Nick’s hot and he’s hurting, and Sammie knows she might hold the key to his identity. That’s a lot of temptation for a girl with a tender heart.
Warning: Contains sexy games in beds, bathrooms, and on balconies.

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Kris grew up surrounded by orchards in Hastings, New Zealand, and has been a writer all her life.
Her first job was in radio, as a copywriter. Then she traveled to Italy with two friends and attended the University for Foreigners in Perugia.
She met her husband when they were both working in Television. Being the newest in the department she was allotted one of the two desks down the back behind the filing cabinets. At the other sat an intriguing TV news director. Romance blossomed behind their barricade.
One day they took their lunches to the botanic gardens, fell asleep in the sun, and slunk back to work hours late with horribly sunburned faces. As easily as that, the cat was out of the bag. No wonder she’s a romance writer...

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Sheri Wakelin said...

Loved the teaser! Nick sounds like my kinda hero ;) Good luck with your book Kris, I'll be adding it to the TBR list!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a yummy hero Kris.

You do New Zealand men proud. It's such a refreshing change to read about the hunky heroes that inhabit "Godsown".

Now that we have so many romance writers I find myself man watching whenever I'm out. would he inspire Natalie or would that dark eyed man inspire Kris or did that guy with the nagelic expression inspire one of Nalini's angels.

Our Kiwi girls have given us a whole new past-time

Bronwen Evans said...

He's a fitness instructor - hot, hot, hot

Loved the blurb. Great read.

Maria Clara said...

Nick owns a chain of fitness centers.

The teaser is great, I HAVE to read this ebook :)

Kris Pearson said...

Thank you for liking the sound of Nick...and the look of Nick...and the fun he and Sammie have before it all falls apart.