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Callum Westmore - Heidi Rice's HOT riva hero!!!

Okay, so after a brief hiatus I am so happy to be back with another TO DIE FOR Riva hero for you from none other than the gorgeous, current RT Award nominee, author Heidi Rice!!! Thanks so much for coming to the blog Heidi!

Now, let's get down to meeting her hero...

Name: Callum Westmore
Age: mid-thirties
Occupation: Queen’s Council [a top lawyer for non-Brits!]
Vital Stats: 6ft 2inches; 12 stone of toned, ripped physique; Deep Forest-Green Eyes; Hair so dark it’s almost black, tans easily and has a five o’clock shadow by 12noon.
Celebrity Look-a-like: Henry Cavill
White Lie or Absolute Honesty: Absolute Honesty
Order In or Dine Out: Dine Out – and Order In, Cal isn’t big on cooking.
Boxers or Briefs: Boxer briefs (nice and snug)
Best known for: His erudite way with words – except when it comes to talking about his feelings.
We’d want to date him because…  He’s wry, witty, intelligent, curious, dominating (but with a sense of humour), scrupulously honest, super-smart and looks seriously sexy whether he’s wearing a suit or faded jeans (or nothing at all). He’s a great dancer (although he insists on leading), he’s competitive, confident, generous (in bed and out) and goal-orientated — which means that while he considers flirting one of the best forms of foreplay, he makes a point of being very accomplished at all other forms of foreplay too. He’s generally laid-back and relaxed in social situations, but he tends to be focussed and intense in private, radiating a force field of raw machismo that will make you the centre of his attention (in every way). In other words, this man is way too hot to handle, and way too hot not to handle. Women, be warned.

In his words…

He cradled her face in his palms as he touched his forehead to hers, listened to her ragged breathing.
‘I’m not going to rush you,’ he murmured, the humour gone. ‘I’ve been waiting to get my hands on you the whole damn day. So believe me, I intend to savour every single second.’
His lips quirked as he lifted his head and took in her dilated pupils — and the little crease of consternation on her forehead.
‘I know what I’m doing,’ he added.
‘Yes, but you don’t…’
‘And I don’t need instructions,’ he interrupted, grinning. Damn, but she was persistent. ‘I find it ruins the spontaneity.’
She moved out of his arms, propped her hands on her hips, the little crease turning into the Grand Canyon. ‘I should have guessed you’d be difficult about...’
‘That’s enough talk.’
‘Excuse me?’
Stepping forward, he whipped her bag out of her hand.
‘Hey, give that back.’
Ignoring the astonished protest, he grasped her wrist with his other hand, bent over and hefted her onto his shoulder.
‘What are you doing?’ she yelped, although he figured it was fairly obvious as he marched to the front door of his block.
‘I like talk as much as the next guy,’ he said conversationally, as he keyed his code into the security panel. ‘In fact, I make a very decent living at it.’ He kicked open the door. ‘But even I have my limits.’
‘Put me down!’ she yelled, wriggling and kicking now as she got her wind back. ‘This is absurd.’
He elbowed the light switch.
‘And probably illegal.’ The protest came out in pants, her midriff rocking against his shoulder blade. ‘I’ll sue.’
Adrenaline surged through him as he climbed the stairs, two at a time.
‘Go ahead and try.’ He dropped her to her feet — and chuckled at her mutinous expression, and the flush of arousal on her cheeks. ‘No judge would convict me.’
Her chin took on a mulish tilt, her colour rising. ‘She would if she was a woman.’
‘Wanna bet.’ He reached into his pocket, palmed his key and slid it into the lock. Opening the door, he took hold of her hand and dragged her inside.
‘Has anyone ever told you you’re remarkably arrogant?’ she announced as he slapped his palms above her head, caging her against the wall.
‘Yes. You.’ He buried his face against her neck. ‘And more than once now.’
Her quickened breathing gushed out against his cheek. Suckling the pulse point, he heard the soft sob of surrender. He lifted his head, traced his fingers along the elegant line of her neck, over her collarbone, then ran his hands down her curves. She bucked, her body quaking as his thumbs circled the tight buds of her breasts through her clothing.
‘And you’re remarkably bossy,’ he murmured, his hands settling on her hips. Why did he find that so incredibly sexy?
Her big brown eyes widened as he cradled his erection against her belly. ‘Which makes us even.’ Capturing her wrist, he led her down the hallway towards his bedroom.
Her heels clicked on the polished wood floor as she raced to keep pace with him. But for once she didn’t have a comeback — making him feel invincible.

"Ruby Delisantro is the queen of cupcakes and salsa. She is in charge, with a great repertoire of quick retorts and snappy one-liners, and even sharper moves on the dance floor. And then Callum Westmore comes crashing into her life. One glance from those infuriatingly luscious bedroom eyes and she’s close to losing ­control. Something tells her that Callum sees straight through the tough attitude to her soft-as-buttercream heart beneath. Is Ruby in danger of falling for him and – worse still – of liking it?
 If you like Lindsey Kelk and Jenny Colgan, you’ll love this."

SO you wanna read it, right?! Well you can get your hands on a copy from Mills and Boon UK right now AND you can also enter the Rafflecoptor draw below! nd be sure to enter because Heidi's also giving away a copy of her current Presents Extra release "One Night, So Pregnant!"

USA Today bestselling author Heidi Rice is married with two teenage sons (which gives her rather too much of an insight into the male psyche). She also works as a film journalist and was born in Notting Hill in West London (before it became as chi-chi as it is in the film starring Hugh Grant). She now lives in Islington in North London - a stone's throw away from where they shot Four Weddings and a Funeral... (She has asked Hugh very politely to stop stalking her, but will he listen?) She loves her job because it involves sitting down at her computer each day and getting swept up in a world of high emotions, sensual excitement, funny feisty women, sexy tortured men and glamourous locations where laundry doesn't exist ... Not bad, eh. 
Then she gets to turn off her computer and do chores (usually involving laundry!)

Find Heidi online at her website, blog, Twitter and Facebook.


PrincessFiona01 said...

*sigh* I came from writing a love scene to read this excerpt. Oh well...those who can do...the rest of us puddle on regardless.

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Hi Natalie and Heidi,

Heidi, you seem to specialise in Celtic heroes. Calum is a Celtic name if ever I heard one.

All the best with the new book.

Desere said...

Fabulous post Heidi thank you for sharing with us ,I can with all honesty say that both books were absolutely delicious !

Eli Yanti said...

The heroine's Ruby Delisantro

Fell so excited with this book :)

Arely ZPerez said...

Is it Ruby Delisantro? I think it is, but I'm not sure!

Ann S. said...

Ruby Delisantro is the heroine and Calum sounds divine. I love a little bit of alpha male in my heroes.

Ileana A. said...

Ruby Delisantro!!
Thank you so much for the giveaway! Fingers crossed! :D

KataO said...

Your book sounds great!

Yazmin said...

The name of Cal's heroine is Ruby Delisantro.
Thank you for the giveaway. :)

AmelArmeliana said...

Hi Natalie and Heidi, thank u for this awesome giveaway :)

Cal's heroine in CUPCAKES & KILLER HEELS is Ruby Delisantro.
The story sounds great and I like the cover of the book.

Melody May said...

Love the heroine's name Ruby Delisantro. Cal sure sounds dreamy.

Heidi Rice said...

Cool guys.. So glad you all enjoyed the excerpt (or the book if you've already read it!)... I loved writing Cal and Ruby's story, they were so HOT for each other. LOL.

Don;t forget to enter the giveaway on the Rafflecopter (I think you just click on the link)

Anonymous said...

The heroine name is Ruby Delisantro.
Thank you for the giveaway