Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sweet Treats...

Our first home-grown strawberries
of the season!
... how's this for something delicious?! It's summer here in New Zealand and growing season. These are the first strawberries from our teensy patch = YUM!!!
 I've been munching lots of raspberries too, fresh off the bushes over at my mother's place - in my opinion there's nothing tastier than sun warmed, sweet berries!!!


TashNz said...

Happy New Year Natalie. We were in the Warehouse the other day and I discovered strawberry plants on special for $1.99 (I know!!!) so I bought 5, completely forgetting that my youngest is allergic to them... the blueberry plants and rasberry plants I bought home made up for it a bit lol. I hope I can grow them, green fingers I DONT have :/

Natalie Anderson said...

Tash - we shop at the same store!!!! Mine were the Warehouse 1.99 specials ;) And they are sooooooooo yummy! Not a bumper harvest I admit, but really tasty :) And I don't have green fingers either!!!
Raspberries are my absolute fave :)