Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas, New Year & Random Giveaways!

I hope you all had a wonderful December - I don' t know what happened to mine - it has zipped by in such a blur I can't believe we're at the second-to-last day of the year already!!!
I've been head down working hard, and then head-up having fun with the family. Christmas was a blast - literally - as we were camping and had such huge winds a ton of our tent poles snapped... hooray for repair kits! It was such fun though :)

Revisions have landed for my latest, as have line edits for the one before and hubby is back at work and I've all four kids at home. We're having a 'Summer of Science' - and doing a zillion funky experiments a day - so it's just crazy busy.

I've had a few lovely, lovely reviews in. For Caught on Camera with the CEO, Marilyn's Romance Reviews had this to say:

Natalie Anderson has written one sensual and exciting romance with Caught On Camera With the CEO! .... So many personal emotions for both of them. However, in the end they shared their hurts with each other... Love making, intense emotions which they both had problems dealing with, hiding from it, putting their feelings on the back burner... The more intense their love making, the more it created problems for them both... Caught on Camera was an amazing romance.

While Julie at Cataromance gave it 4.5 stars and said:

Caught on Camera with the CEO is a hugely enjoyable tale that mixes humour, sensuality and sassiness with poignant romance and searing intensity. Natalie Anderson brings a fresh new twist to the much-loved office romance scenario and spices up her narrative with plenty of red-hot love scenes and sizzling sexual chemistry. Add to this a fabulous heroine, a delicious hero, witty repartee and a heart-wrenching conflict and you have the perfect Harlequin Presents Extra novel! Steamy, poignant and credible, Caught on Camera with the CEO is another one for the keeper shelf!

I also spotted a lovely new review for one of my backlist titles - PLEASURED IN THE PLAYBOY'S PENTHOUSE over at The Good, The Bad and the Unread. They gave it an A grade and had this to say...

Bella... learns to look at herself another way. Because of her affair with Owen, she reassesses and by the end of the story she’s a stronger person.
I loved that. Owen made Bella feel better about herself, not just by wanting her in bed, but by his encouragement and his interest in her. Owen is a hero you could like in real life, and he would do anything not to hurt her. And yet there aren’t any nasssty villains here.
Owen is confident, alpha and with a sense of humour I really enjoyed. Non-snarky, but when he and Bella share jokes, you can see some of the things they have in common...
Loved this story, it flowed really well and it was a pleasure to read.

You can still grab a copy of this one as an ebook on the Mills & Boon website or on Amazon. It's so cool how older titles are still available and being 'discovered' thanks to ebooks - yay! :)

Meanwhile, I've JUST gotten my author copies for my first Riva release! WALK ON THE WILD SIDE is out in the UK in February (North America in April, as a Presents Extra). So who wants a copy??? Head over to my Facebook page by January 4 (NZ time) and be in to win!!!


Nas Dean said...

What great reviews!

Lacey Devlin said...

I think a Summer of Science is such a great idea! I have no idea how you manage to do it all! I have visions of you building one of those bicarb volcanoes with one hand and editing with the other. Am I far off?

Congrats on all your lovely reviews!

Natalie Anderson said...

Thanks Nas!

Lacey - you have me laughing - we make the volcanoes all the time at playcentre - and yeah, i titally have pen and paper in my pocket. W're doing static electricity this arvo with balloons and then making 'lightening' with a pot, some plastic sheeting and rubber gloves. it could be scary!!!
I've limited us to 2/3 experiments a day - tops - and will no doubt be chugging back the V in a few days - for now I'm trying to stay clean on the green tea!

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Great review and looking forward to reading and reviewing this romance! Happy New Year!