Thursday, 5 August 2010

August - part 2!!!

Okay, so here's the book news for this month.

To Love, Honor & Disobey is out in the US now.

Caught on Camera with the CEO is on the shelves in Australia.

Also, Unbuttoned by her Maverick Boss is available direct from Mills & Boon Australia (search for it under the 'Sexy' series).

Coming up later in the year, my Christmas Novella will be out in the US - it's together with stories by Carole Mortimer and Alison Roberts and for the US is titled, 'TIS THE SEASON - you can pre-order a copy here!

Meanwhile, I'm thrilled to report that my fifteenth story for Mills & Boon has been accepted! As you may know already, in the UK the Modern Heat series is getting new covers, titles and even a new name from next year. So in the UK only we'll be known as RIVA. At this stage, we'll still be Presents Extra in the US, and Sexy in Australia.

So, I have a title for book number 14:

WALK ON THE WILD SIDE - will be out in the UK in February 2011 - and is about one extreme pro snowboarder, Jack, who likes to live his life literally jumping off the edge... Kelsi, is his one edge too far...

Number 15, title to be confirmed, is out in the UK April 2011 and features one of my most favourite heroines to date - complicated, razor-edged, funny Penny. Fortunately, she gets to meet Carter, an all-caps, to-die for, HERO!!!

So it's been a pretty busy time around here and as my next story is due next month, it's time to slink back into the woodwork and crack on with it.

Meantime, I hope all you writers out there targeting Mills & Boon are going to enter the New Voices competition - find out all about it here. It is such an exciting, innovative (almost X-factor-esque) competition and you have the chance to work with superb author & editor mentors!!! So get working on your entry NOW!!!

I hope you see some of you soon at the Romance Writers of New Zealand Conference!

And don't forget to come and visit me on my upcoming blog stops - free books are on offer! (Blog dates and details just below!)

With very best wishes,


Jackie Ashenden said...

Looking forward to the conference and saying hi, Nat! And DYING to read about your snowboarder. Sounds delicious! But Feb is far too long to wait. *pouts*

Lacey Devlin said...

Can't wait for books 14 and 15! Congrats on your latest acceptance!!

Natalie Anderson said...

Ah but Jackie, thanks to the internet and buy-a-month-early-direct from M&B its only Jan 1 - and that's not nearly so far away ;)
The snowboarding was fun - I watched so much Shaun White on the internet it was awesome... mind you, most of the book is set in summer...

Thanks for the congrats Lacey :)