Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Professional development (aka a treat for me)

... I had a bookshop voucher - it wasn't a chain store but one of those tiny has-a-cafe-as-well numbers - and limited stock. So I got the one writing craft book they had - "Manuscript Makeover: revision techniques no fiction writer can afford to ignore" by Elizabeth Lyon - timely huh?
So far, so good. Lots of useful snippets already as I dipped in and out while cooking dinner.
I have to admit I don't have a library on writing - I have a thesaurus and a dictionary... it all boils down to time of course - but I do read articles on the net and love to hole up in the writing section of the library on the rare occasions I'm not running after kidlets in the children's section... so its nice to have gotten something new to get the brain thinking theory wise rather than instinctively all the time...
So tell me, what are the best craft books you've come across???


Michelle Styles said...

Oh you would ask that. I am a writing craft book junkie
Best craft books --
Donald Maass ( you can get a free download of his Career Novelist) but I love his workbook.
Blake Snyder Save the Cat is excellent. You should also check out his website.
Robert McKee Story
Dwight Swain eihter Creating Character or Techniques of the Selling Writer ( the language is dated but it tells you everything you need to know)

I shall haveto check out the book you reccomend.

Nicola Marsh said...

I went on a craft writing binge a while back!

I found 'Self Editing for Fiction Writers' by Browne and King really useful.

And 'The Plot Thicken's by Noah Lukeman an interesting read, as is 'Creating Unforgettable Characters' by Linda Seger.

Natalie Anderson said...

oh great guys!!! I'll have to hunt them down. I got the Maass free download - how generous was that? Then its just a matter of 'time' again - but I'm really enjoying studying :)
I've still only skimmed 'Manuscript Maveover' Michelle, but it does seem pretty solid on the basics and on technique.

Brigitte said...

As you already know, I think you have been doing pretty well so far. It's always rewarding to be able to gain new insights in a craft. But also don't destroy what you've got by adopting new styles!
Although I wouldn't mind any new words!!