Monday, 6 October 2008

New Beginnings

So the girls are two!!! We had a wonderful day (I got very emotional but I'm allowed, right?). The birth of my professional writing career and my twins was all very much at the same time - I mean, I was working on revisions for my first book when in hospital with the girls just born and now exactly two years later I'm working on the revisions to my eighth... and of course those two years have just been full on crazy, crazy... sorry if I'm harping but hey, it really has been full on crazy, crazy.
But its also been bloody marvellous.
And now? Onwards and upwards!
Fingers crossed those revisions are getting the book to where it should be (I am certain he'll be back for more, but that's ok, I'm prepared) - and we're into the third year of the girls' lives - and what a fun year it promises to be - I mean, toilet training!!! LOL.
But for now, I'm going to go and read over the outline I have for my Christmas story and let it percolate overnight - the best way to taske my mind off the fact that my ed is looking over something (and I'm damn terrified about what she'll be thinking) is to get on with something else.
So, something else, here I come!
(Actually, this is much harder than I made that sound - You should see me in the mornings as I hover by my computer waiting for it for start up... see me shaking as I wait for email to open... see me slump half in relief/half despair if there's no ed email or worse, there is and I can't breathe until I open it and it says...
BUT, that's enough writer's angst for now! ;)


Joanne Cleary said...

Glad your girls had a good day. You and hubby must have had an exhausting couple of years. Hope you enjoyed Hi 5!

Good luck with your editor - stay positive.


Natalie Anderson said...

Hi-5 was awesome thanks Joanne - it was a circus theme and we loved all the trapeze etc - v cool So was the elephant!!!

Went and got a craft book today and am immersing myself in that and plotting and planning - good way of staying 'positive'