Thursday, 2 October 2008

Feel the Heat!

The winner and runners up have been announced over at I Heart Presents!!!
What a wonderful opportunity for these writers to get editorial guidance - fingers crossed many wonderful things come from it. Congratulations to all the other entrants too - and just keep on reading, writing and subbing. I'm proof that the slush pile system does still work and the fact is in this business you have to try, try and try again. Much like I am with this current manuscript!!! But I am determined to break the back of it over the next couple of days so that I can relax and enjoy the girls' birthday on Sunday...
Meanwhile, why not pop over to the blog of Rachael - one of the FTH runners up and give her a big congrats. And a huge congrats too to New Zealand entrant Jackie!!!!!


Joanne said...

Hi Natalie - thanks for your words of encouragement :)

The FTH comp was a fab opportunity and although I didn't win I am absolutely stoked my wonderfully talented CP (Rachael) was a runner up :D (go Rach!)

Cheers, Joanne :)

Rachael Johns said...

Hey Natalie

Thanks sooooooooooo much for popping by my blog. As one of my fave MH authors, it means so much to me. And thanks for the directions to my blog too...

Joanne - you're lovely! Thanks for your enthusiasm.


Aideen said...

Hi Natalie,

Lots of congrats from Ireland to the four lucky winners of Feel The Heat. I hope each and every one of the lucky ladies have their dreams realised after this.
Glad to hear you had a wonderful trip to London and that the twins coped rather well with the whole transition.
Saw some lovely photos, you certainly looked like you were enjoying yourself!!


Judy Jarvie said...

Great advice on the try, try, try approach!

Have a super twin birthday - so cute. Where did those two years go?


Natalie Anderson said...

Congrats again Rach - and go Joanne and Aideen and you too Jude!!!
I did have a great time on London Aideen - it was absolutely the change of scene I needed - seems ridiculous to say given we siffered for 48 hours in a plane, but I really do feel refreshed!

I can't believe the 2 years Jude - it feels like forever yet its gone fast... and so much has happened. I plan to really relax and enjoy tomorrow - its not that often we get to stop and think on things, but its a real milestone and one I want to appreciate :)
Sorry if that sounds OTT but it has been a hell of a couple of years - wonderful yes, but so full on...