Monday, 29 September 2008

Last days of September...

.. so its your last chance to scoop BOUGHT: ONE NIGHT, ONE MARRIAGE from the shelves in the UK (but you can always get it on the M&B site!) and from October it'll be available on Harlequin Australia - a month before hitting the shelves in Australasia :)

Meanwhile, I discovered ALL NIGHT WITH THE BOSS is out in Spain at the moment - what do you think of the cover - I think its quite the biz myself... now you could get it from Harlequin Iberica but it says its 'libro agotado' - which according to Babel Fish Translation means 'exhausted book' but I'm guessing it means its sold out ;)

And revisions are coming along - well, I spent about 6 hours on 20 pages yesterday so its a long slow process but it'll get there.... eventually!


Donna Alward said...

With a cover like that, it's not much wonder!

Natalie Anderson said...

It is pretty good huh?! ;)