Saturday, 2 August 2008

Conference Season

This weekend the big Romance Writers of America National Conference is on in San Francisco - and two of my Mod Heat buddies - Heidi and Kelly - are up for the RITA (the Oscars of romacne writing!) - it is VERY exciting and already there is wonderful news leaking out from the conference...

My very good friend and wonderful HM&B Romance author Donna Alward has won the Best Traditional cateogory in the Bookseller's Best award - hop over to the PHS post and see our ed with Donna's pin!!!!!!!

AND, news is just in about the first eHarlequin community member sale - New Zealand's own Sandra Hyatt has sold to Desire!!!!!! SUPER exciting - get thee to the eharl thread here to congratulate her!!!! - Sounds like its going to be one GREAT call story!!! :)


Donna Alward said...

Aw thank you Nat!

Natalie Anderson said...

Oh its so fab Donna - and so deserved!!!! Am so thrilled for you pet :)