Friday, 1 August 2008

And the winner is...

... wow talk about down to the wire!!! The competition really was between Love Story and The Notebook - with Titanic coming a close third. But I think Love Story is the one to take it I type there are 6 minutes left to vote so someone could come in and change that I guess!!!

And as for the winner of the draw for Jude and my latest books - we've pulled a name out of the hat and it's:


Congratulations Karen!!! Fabulous goodies will be winging their way to you shortly!!!
Thanks so much to everyone who entered and talked hte talk about movies and tears - happy and sad. It's been fab.

Now its August I have PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE on the shelves in Australia/New Zealand - infact my mum just phoned to say she saw them on the shelf of her fave bookstore tonight so that's pretty cool (you can always rely on your Mum to let you know these things!). AND my next release, BOUGHT: ONE NIGHT, ONE MARRIAGE is now available direct from Mills & Boon in the UK - check out the cute widget in my earlier post!

My fabulous fellow Christchurch writer Jan Colley has one out this month too and she's promised to come blog with me... stay tuned for that!

And as I close off this post, the bell has buzzed and indeed Love Story is the winner in our shortlist of weepie romantic movies!!!

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Aideen said...

Congrats to you Karen!!

Fabulous prizes you lucky, lucky girl.
I'm glad to see Love Story come out on top of the shortened list, it truly is a weepie if ever there was one.

Thanks for running this fab comp, it's been great fun tuning in and picking up some movie recommendations along the way.