Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Weepie Movies: Based on a true story...

OK, in the list of movies that make you guys weep, there were several that were based on a true story. This is one of them - I watched it once and don't think I'll ever watch it again - not because it was a bad movie, but because it was too harrowing for me. Another like that for me and several of you is Schindler's List. There are some that take an historical event and build a story around it - like Titanic and Pearl Harbour and some that 'factionalise' part of the life of a person - like Miss Potter and Finding Neverland.
Do you think those movies that are inspired by actual events are all the more poignant or do you still weep buckets over movies that are pure fiction?
My answer, of course, is 'it depends'!!!


Aideen said...

Watched this movie once, never again would I put myself through it. Not the for all the tea in China.
Man's inhumanity to man is something I will never understand, its something I'm sure will continue to shock me if I live to be 100.
And without meaning to sound shallow, this movie was so harrowing that even the eye candy coudln't be enjoyed. Seriously, what a cast but what a waste as I watched through my hands over my face for much of it.
After saying all that can I still say it was a fantastic movie? I hope so because it was, if you get my drift.


Natalie Anderson said...

Yeah it was a toughie to watch wasn't it? And I know what you mean - that was a steller cast with some extremely fine actors - but that fact was totally irrelevant when it came to actually watching it...