Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another snippet...

I was going to bring you a clip from a 'happy weepy movie' today but I'm having trouble with Youtube so I'll do it tomorrow.
Here's another snippet from BOUGHT: ONE NIGHT, ONE MARRIAGE.
This is the teaser in the very front page of the book...

"Let's have a competition. Our own little thing for charity. We each start Monday morning with say $100 in the kitty. We fundraise. For a week. At the end of the week whoever has raised the most wins."

"Wins what?" She was curious now, fixed on him.

"If you win, I'll double the combined amount and give it to the charity of your choice."

"And if you win?" Her eyes were wide.

"If I win then I get you for a weekend and can do whatever I want with you."

"Whatever you want?" She sounded as breathless as if she'd climbed a thousand stairs.

"You'll be my slave."

So... does it make you want to buy it?!


Aideen said...

Ah, hello...Yes it makes me want to have it right now. But I have to wait till the 5th of August, I think that's the date. I have it ordered and paid for upfront, being the good girl I am!!
Just waiting on delivery for the next couple of weeks.
I love it when there's some sneaky bet going on, that really makes me itch for more.
Chapter three in Yvonne's story is so teasing. I'm loving Jon and hating Robyn's parents, such snobs.
I'm supposed to be stripping the beds now while boys are off at camp but I've become so addicted to the internet that I'm scared.
Isnt' it fab though, to have so much excitement and wonderful stories at the tap of a few keys?


Natalie Anderson said...

Oh Aideen - you sweetie! Hope the mail delivery is bang on time - like soon!!! :)
On my I didn't get to read Yvonne's next chapter last night!!! Off to it now...