Friday, 20 June 2008

Starting the day with a smile...

And how could I not when I wake up to such a lovely comment as that from Brigitte in yesterday's post?! There is nothing - nothing - like gettting mail from readers. It is so nice to know that people out there are enjoying my books - and enjoying them so much they make the effort of contacting me to say so. I really appreciate it. And yes, it makes me want to write more. My constant challenge to myself is to write better books - always striving, always wanting to write something that will strike a chord (and hopefully entertain) with someone...
~ now I'm reminding myself of Galaxy Quest and the 'never give up, never surrender' line ;)
but you know what I mean. Every book is a challenge, you're never fully happy with it, and you always wonder 'what if I'd...' - but it's wonderful to know you're out there enjoying them anyway - and its so cool to think you're in France reading it Brigitte! This is some of what is so brilliant about the internet.

Actually, this is something I love about the community boards over at eHarlequin too. Community members there post reviews (as part of the 100k book challenge) and you can comment so its really easy to connect with readers and writers. The latest newsletter from eHarlequin highlighted this feature this week and I was chuffed to see that HIS MISTRESS BY ARRANGEMENT was listed in the top 10 most blogged about books :)

AND I found out today that that book is out in Brazil at the moment - you can buy it here.

Lastly, I'm over at the Pink Heart Society today talking about a movie I've loved for a long time - come and watch some with me!

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