Thursday, 19 June 2008

Another nice review...


Natalie Anderson’s sizzling Modern Heat novels just keep getting better and better. In her latest romance, Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire, she blends sizzling sexual chemistry, scintillating sex scenes, intense romance and poignant emotional development which will keep readers everywhere glued to their seats!
...Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire is a truly terrific read! Hot, steamy, romantic and poignant, readers looking for a sexy read to heat up their summer nights will not be disappointed with the latest outstanding contemporary romance by New Zealand’s hottest romance writer: Natalie Anderson!

Now I'm off to my local romance writers meeting for a big ole catch-up :)


Brigitte said...

Natalie Anderson, you have just written one hell of a book. How ever did you do that?!
I have read “Pleasured by the secret millionaire” last week, rushed through it would be more appropriate, and ever since I haven’t been able to pick up another book. You made the characters conversations and feelings so real, sentences and expressions you used are still bouncing around my brain. It really is scary!
I also wanted to congratulate you on your writing style. That is really important to me while reading a book. Yours I would describe as sort of “rolling off the tongue” no hiccups, while gliding over the sentences. With some Mills and Boon writers I tend to stumble because of awkward sentences and less flowing style. I love your style, I really do. Mind shattering actually.
I discovered M&B in the 70s, as a teenager trying to improve my English, and I still have all those books. Margaret Way, who’s still in the business, Kerry Allyne and especially Kay Thorpe, who always got me scrambling for my dictionary. She actually still does as I have found out re-reading some of her old books!
Well I guess you didn’t think you would be getting praise and encouragement from a reader halfway around the world from France, now did you? Well, here it is. So please, keep up the good work and I hope you have a lot of energy and stamina to deal with your little ones, not to forget the Big Guy, and maybe you’ll spare a thought for one reader who is patiently waiting for your next book.
Kind Regards

Natalie Anderson said...

Thank you SO much for your comment - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the book so much. Those characters wouldn't let go of me for a while either :) And thank you so much for saying you like my writing style - that is such a lovely compliment - I tend to write the stories as I'd tell them (I hear them in my head) - so maybe that's why it comes across as 'rolling off the tongue'??!! I hope so anyway! :)
Its wonderful for me to think of you in France, sitting down and enjoying my book - such a great mental image on this frosty day here in New Zealand. Be sure to pop back at the start of July won't you because I'm kicking off a competition with a very good friend - and my newest release is part of the prize - hopefully you'll find it as good!!!
Thanks again,