Sunday, 4 May 2008

Mother's Day

- came a week and a day early in my house :) My hubby is going away this week and won't be in town for the day so he rallied the troops and we had the 'celebration' last night - lotsa fun. The twins gave me chocolate - 2 bars - well trained already ;)

Meanwhile I'm getting stuck into the new characters - yipeee! I love the planning and plotting stage - so many possibilities!!! There is a fabulous post over at iheartpresents - more feedback from the editors re their 'Instant Seduction' competition but this time they're giving tips if you're specifically targetting Modern Heat!!!
Have you been over and read the winning entries already?! They're SO fabulous - I wanted to read more of all of them!!!


Nicola Marsh said...

Your kids are well trained!

Bet I get choccie too next weekend :)

Aideen said...

Hi Natalie,

It's strange seeing you having mother's day in May, I have mine in March. (Ireland).
Two bars, yum yum. I got a fresh coffee on the morning from my favourite take out place, which went down a treat.
And because I have four boys I got four presents. All picked by the boys themselves. Well, not the baby, he was only 8 months old so his Daddy chose chocolate from him.
Eldest boy bought me woodland scented candle, next in line bought me a pair of tights (I don't actually wear tights but he picked em so I love em) and number three bought me a tub of chicken gravy.

I laughed so hard I thought I'd burst. Definitely one of the best days of my life so far.

Now, modern heat. Yeah, have been reading Iheartpresents articles but I still get confused. Can these stories be set outside of 'cities'? Because I'm trying desperately to finish one I've started and I love this line but find it very hard sticking to the whole 'urban' setting. I want to take my characters out of the city ,so to speak but am I going off track then?

And can I have a heroine who is more organic than chic in this series? I know your busy so anytime you can spare will be appreciated.

All the best,

Natalie Anderson said...

Choccie is always good Nic!

Your sons sound fabulously well trained Aideen! My older two went for flowers - but they decided on the long life lovingly hand-crafted-in-China ones... eldest daughter picked them and then son chose a stunning plastic vase in a slightly different shade of purple to put them in.. the colours meld not quite so beautifully ;)
I am so lucky tho huh ? Besides, they know me well, real flowers tend to still in rancid water with petal falling off for months after their prime 'round here...
A friend on mine once said that fresh flowers and some quality art on the wall really lift a home - do my kids' scribbles (directly ON the wall) and my plastic flowers count???