Sunday, 27 April 2008

And the winner is...

... Karen Haas!!!

Karen a copy of PLEASURED BY THE SECRET MILLIONAIRE and some yummy Kiwi chocolate will be winging its way to you this week :)

Thank you to everyone who entered - I'll do another soon I promise.

So I had my Starbucks weekend - and I'm pleased to say the book is done. Well, I'll read it over again and again before sending it to my Ed tomorrow but that's just for last minute checks and panics.
I had fun in Starbucks (can you tell I don't get out often enough??!!) - spent some happy time imagining the lives and loves of all the customers and workers. But you know you've been sitting there desperate-and-deranged looking for too long when the staff come over looking sympathetic and offer you free coffee!!! :)
But tonight I've had a beer to unwind, slothed with the kids and hubby and am going to scribble a little in my 'ideas' notebook before going to bed EARLY. I am so excited about getting back into the new book - its been ages since I opened that file and its going to be fun getting back into those characters...

Ciao for now!


Kate Hewitt said...

Yay, Natalie, I'm so happy you've finished! I just handed in the revisions on my book too... must crack on with the next! Good luck and enjoy a *brief* respite between books :)


Karen H in NC said...

Hi Natalie,

I sent email to you but I also wanted to post a big 'THANKS' here for the prize package I received from you in today's mail. I look forward to reading 'Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire' while I munch down on that yummy chocolate.

Thanks again,
Karen Haas