Thursday, 10 January 2008

Crazy times - as usual... it's the school holidays and there's no school, no kindy and all the kids are home and needing entertaining. And I'm quarter of the way through a draft that needs to be done asap (so I can FIX it) and basically, it's just all busy (as usual).
Sorry to be boring (again).

Watch this sapce for finding out the winner of the New Year competition AND for exciting news coming sooooooooooon!!!!!


Cole said...

Okay I just got home and had to double check this to make sure it was right... and it is!!!!! Our Kmart(which has not had Harlequin books... since I can ever remember!!!!) had four titles today. It made me pause in my walk by...with shock! I had to look and wouldn't you just know it, I'd just said "No more buying books!" but then they had some and I thought--'I had better buy some or they might not carry them anymore and I WANT them to carry Harlequin...' OKAY this is getting long but the point was... YOUR BOOK WAS ON TOP! Your name I knew! And I've been wanting to get one of your books... so I had to get it!

Funny thing was, I had where you are located in my head incorrect... I was thinking London but it said New Zealand on the inside and I was afraid this wasn't the same Natalie Anderson. But obviously it was. =) Your book, the book I just bought is in the sidebar!

Okay I've rambled enough. I was just so excited that they had Harlequin books and then an author I've been wanting to try out. =) TOO COOL! Now to figure out how I'm supposed to fit in reading with everything else! =)

Have a good one!


Natalie Anderson said...

I had a GREAT one thanks Cole!!! a) because of your message and b) because I got word my 5th book has been accepted.
Its been a lovely day.
I really hope you enjoy Lissa & Rory's story (he's gorgeous!) - thanks HEAPS. Its so exciting thinking it is on the shelves over there...