Saturday, 13 October 2007

"Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire"

... is the new title for Rhys!!!
YES - heard back from my ed and after the revisions I'm thrilled to say he's been accepted. I'm not sure of the release date yet but will let you know as soon as I do.
Happy days I tellya 'cos Rhys gave me some serious grief - oh yes, blood, sweat and tears were shed over him!!!

Anyway, to celebrate, here's a teeny snippet...

...She glanced at her watch. A bit after 3pm, the lunch crowd had moved on and everyone was back at work – except the tourists, travellers and holidaymakers like her. The restaurant and club a couple of blocks down from the hostel had its doors wide open – circulating air on the steamy Sydney day where the humidity was high and the thunder storm approaching. She hoped it would happen soon, she wasn’t used to the hard-to-breathe air.

Then she heard it. Boom, boom; hiss, boom, boom, hiss – the unmistakable strike of stick on drum and cymbal. It stopped and then started again. Then she heard the twang of a rough chord on an electric guitar followed by a disembodied male voice, “One, one. Two, t-t-t-two.”

Sound check.

Suddenly she felt right at home, right at ease, and her legs just walked her in there – right into the open bar that was closed for business. To where the band was onstage and the rehearsal was happening. Four guys were up there, dressed in shorts and tees and the lead singer had the skinny boy star look and mandatory crazy hair. She slipped in the back, enjoying the breeze from the fans, watched the drummer with envy, her fingers itching.

“I’m sorry you can’t stay here. The bar’s not open yet.”

Reluctantly she dragged her gaze from the drum kit to the man who’d walked up beside her. She blinked. Once. Again. Then rapidly a couple more times to try make her silly eyes focus. My God. So men like that really did exist? The kind that would have every woman in the vicinity immediately doing their pelvic floor exercises because they knew, absolutely knew, that keeping up with him in the bedroom would require some spectacular performance.

Sienna’s whole body tensed - especially her pelvic floor.


Writing Angel said...

Congrats on the title. Very nice. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats nats. the pelvic floor bits sound like a pilates ad.......

Donna Alward said...

Congrats Sweets! LOL You're well rid of him. Who's the next hero? :-)

Natalie Anderson said...

LOL - SG, actually she's a Pilates Queen which comes in handy later in teh book ;) And the girly boy pop star is called... TIM.
Thanks Writing Angel - I like the title too :)
And Donna - yes, well rid - but I keep changing the new guys name... I finally have a great house for him to live in tho!