Monday, 8 October 2007

And the winner is...

Karen Bradley!!!

Cool :)

Four year old cut out all the entrants' names and then Wonder Husband pulled the winner out of the pudding bowl. Karen, be sure to email me your postal addy and I'll get a copy to you lickety-split!

BUT for those of you who missed out - FEAR NOT! Because guess what, there's a new web/blog in town... yup, us Modern Extra/Sexy Sensation authors have got together and made our own page full of fun stuff about the authors and news about up coming releases and YES chances to WIN Books!

So go check it out!!! Check here, check there... another opportunity is coming very soon to win...

Sensational Romance!!!

...and ok, I know my author stuff isn't up there yet, and I only have the usual excuses - four of them... but it'll be there soon I promise!

1 comment:

Sara Hantz said...

I was too late for the draw!!! Bugger!