Sunday, 9 September 2007

A dark, cavernous place

ok, two min blog time before I get stuck into the revisions for Rhys. Time to really knuckle down - although right now all I really want to do is go to bed! But I have a glass of delicious red wine beside me and have already eaten half a block of kingsize Crunch chocolate... I should be right for another hour at least huh?
One thing I HAVE managed to achieve today is my tax return - AT LAST! I had an extension and of course have left it to the last minute to complete anyway.
Still, done now. And next year I'm planning on hiring an accountant and just sending her all the receipts to sort out!
Meanwhile, pop on over to Nalini's blog to see more pics from the NZ Conference and also head to the Pink Heart Society for more birthday fun.

Right. one minute to eight - the Rhys anthem is playing - oh yes, time to enter the cave...

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