Saturday, 8 September 2007

The celebration...

- people there!!!

- including blokes!!!

- a queue even!!!

The booksigning was a lot of fun. It started just before 11 and there were quite a few people waiting already! AND there were even people I didn't know!!! ;)
Very exciting and I'm so thrilled so many made the effort to come along and say hi. I met a few aspiring writers as well and hopefully they'll come along to our local Romance Writer meetings - that would be awesome.
My cousins flew in from WELLINGTON as a surprise - they just appeared at the front of the queue!!! How cool is that???!!! AND our dear friend Peppy was down from HAMILTON to be there!!!!!
We sold out of books in just over half an hour but I stayed till the end as more people still came and left with their bookmarks. The two other stockists in the mall across the way sold out too so it was marvellous. We had slightly more books than the bookstore usually has in for signings and we could have done with more! So it was fantastic.
A huge thanks to my friends and fellow kindy Mums and to the family who run our local fish & chip shop (and cook our friday night dinner!) - it was so nice to have such warm and friendly support.
And now, of course, its back to the keyboard. I have to knock Rhys into shape pronto and get onto Brock.
The party's over - but boy, it was a blast.

- hell, whose are those kids larking on the seat next to mine? Where's the responsible adult watching them???!!!


Sara Hantz said...

WOW, Natalie!!!!! Are you still floating???

Marcy said...

Glad you had a good time. You looked lovely!


Donna Alward said...

You sold out? Hooray you! And a line up? well done chickie!

Course the earlier publicity was probably a big help!

Nice pics!