Friday, 8 June 2007


SG - you will have to wait and see - but there are a couple of asides in that book that I *think* you'll find kinda funny...
EOR - Canada sounds like fun but I do have to 'know' the setting - even if large chunks of the book may take place in... an apartment say ;)
- but I'm thinking NZ is too small for Brock. Actually I'm thinking Australia is too small too so I might be headed back to London for that one.

Still not in the cold store but things are heating up.
All the kids have colds (AGAIN). Long, long days with no kindy etc all week.

Wonder if that baby has started its arrival... Jude??? JUDE??!?!?!
- I know you said you were going offline... but hey......... are you out there really?!?!?! ;)


Judy Jarvie said...

No baby til Sunday when I'm being 'jump started' in hosp! Gnashing of teeth.

But I am at home. Bouncing on a gym-ball. Hey I've tried everything else!!!

Maybe you could write an (aherm) saucy scene involving a gym ball in my honour. They're quite a lot of fun (but then I don't have a life lately so maybe I'm stretching the definition of 'fun'). jx

Jenna Bayley-Burke said...

N...did you not tell Jude fun usually gets things moving?

Congrats on getting a US release? to check amazon...

Anonymous said...

hmmm - that sounds ominous. i hope i won't find myself having to take up writing just to get my revenge