Sunday, 10 June 2007


..another Sunday night cook-a-thon is over and I'm about to drag my sorry self to bed... but we have several containers of chicken casserole, beef casserole, fish pie, macaroni cheese (and spare cups of cheese sauce) and beef mince bolognaise sauce all slowly freezing in the freezer.... enough food to last the kids and co for a fortnight.... baby stuff next weekend (I'm on a fortnightly rota - one week big kids, one week babies etc etc).

And what's veggie Nat going to eat??? (Other than macaroni cheese?)
Well no more damn chocolate that's for sure!!!! Had a ton recently.... never mind. It was nice! ;)

Meanwhile, I've finally finished judging the first chapter entries and will send away tomorrow, so am now finally free to get Rhys going again tomorrow night - poor lad, he's getting pretty desperate!

Thinking of you Jude!!!

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