Friday, 1 June 2007

Go Jude!!!!!!

My fab CP Judy Jarvie is impatiently waiting the birth of her baby (relax Jude, it WILL happen!)... but last night she was up for the Joan Hessayon prize for New Writers at the Romance Novelist Association's Summer Party in London. While she didn't win (that honour went to Phillipa Ashley), this is what the judges had to say about her book 'Taking the Leap':

This is a delightful love story. We both thought that it had a particularly touching and plausible love scene. The medical background is believable drawn and not intrusive. The book has a nice sense of place, all very Scottish and fab scenery. The add-ons were lovely characterisation of the small boy, and a spine-tingling sense of the horrors of falling out of a plane - made Catherine, the only woman in the Army who refused to Jump, blench at the memory. So that's an A for empathy then.

Great huh! And I can assure you the book is fabulous - so go to Moonlit now and get yourself a copy!!!

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Judy Jarvie said...

Shucks, colour me embarrassed now. Thanks for the support, as ever. jx