Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Nat the Builder!

Can she fix it???
Apologies to Bob the Builder - at our second birthday party of the day on Sunday, a wee friend gave us a CD of some of his all time faves and included was the Bob the Builder theme song - the dance mix in fact ;) Awesome!
So appropriate becuase I am in the midst of revisions on book three.
There weren't nearly as many as I'd expected - phew! But to be honest I LOVE revisions - love them. My ed sees so much more than me (I think I get too close to it). I'd felt like I'd gone into a deep dark ditch - ok, the abyss. She assures me I haven't and has handed me a torch to find my way out (of the small to medium sized tunnel).
So expect pretty much nothing from me for a few days while I get to fixing.
Fingers crossed I can nail it!

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